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Hello and welcome to the artist signature edition stickers series. These stickers are all very limited, hand-numbered, and signed by the artist. Each sticker comes in black and white with no hidden logos in them. They are printed with the intent to keep these designs closest to how it was originally designed on paper. This will be the only time most of these images are ever sold as a sticker in black and white. Each sticker is housed on a 4x6 card also containing a printed image that corresponds with the sticker. 

There are also 3 different editions within this series which represent the rarity of each one. Gold edition ranges between 1 and 19 pieces, Silver edition ranges between 20-30 pieces, and the regular black edition ranges from 50-80. The logos on both the gold and silver editions are hand-colored, numbered, and signed in the color they are released as. The black editions are hand-numbered and signed in black ink. 

I want to personally thank each person that has supported this endeavor. These stickers will never be released like this again. Also, the number on the top right corner of the card indicates the number in which the order of each image was released. 

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