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It is a rare occasion when, in an encounter with another living species, we are not in some way affected or inspired.  Through both distant observation and direct interaction, we discover that the creatures who share this world with us are not so different from ourselves.  From the maternal instinct of a mother bear protecting her cubs, to the tension between two horn-locked rams on the side of a mountain, to the fragile and innocent nature of a budding carnation – we can relate to other living species through the same characters and the same situations we experience in our everyday lives.  Some we invite into our homes and families, others we shun with repulsion or animosity, and yet others we glorify and even imitate.  No matter the natural human reaction to a given creature, all living things bear some resemblance to ourselves and share in the energy and vitality of the Earth.  Each and every form of life tells a different history of triumph through hardship and proliferation through adaptation, and each carries a legacy of heritage worthy of our respect.  


At Shapes In Nature, we are inspired by the endless variety of shapes and forms born of the tiny building blocks of life, which make all species alike.  We are convinced that every living thing possesses a natural elegance of form that transcends all other connotations.  It is our passion to create products that reflect the beauty and prowess of the most beloved creatures on Earth, dignify the oddities of the more obscure ones, and promote the conservation of those endangered.  With that in mind, we invite you to explore our catalog, and we hope that you may be inspired by the creatures you see, both familiar and foreign.

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