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As a child, nothing was more exciting than finding the next fascinating, beautiful and even more uniquely designed insect than the one I found before. Every day I found something new. Insect, reptile, amphibian, bird, it didn’t matter; they were all going about their day balancing the environment around us. For hours I used to watch frogs hop around in the grass looking for tiny grasshoppers and see the occasional snake pick up the frog for a meal instead. Being so young, I never thought about how much that would change as I grew up, like how little I would see frogs or even snakes. Back then it was just what was in my backyard. Today, I do see the occasional frog and plenty of new insects of course, but it is noticeable how so much has changed just within my lifetime and makes me wonder what it will be like when my children grow up. Will they feel the same way? Will they see even less?



I've been drawing animals since I can remember. Animals are what inspire me, and through this inspiration my passion and love for our planet and the diversity of its wildlife has grown. The shapes, colors, and unique detail each animal carries is like no other and each has their own specific purpose. Every species is so important, and its environment can be so fragile, that one may not survive without the other. This is what I try to convey in my drawings; to show their unique design by capturing their shape. What amazes me the most is that I could spend the rest of my life finding different animals in so many different places and barely even scratch the surface of how many species there actually are.

That is what I want Shapes In Nature to show you. Tigers, pandas, whales, butterflies, these are all beautiful, imperative, well-known creatures for this planet, but there are so many more. There are animals among us you would think to be from a fairytale or the deepest reaches of space. In reality, they are the very inspiration for what we perceive as legend and what lives beyond our stars.


With Shapes In Nature, I want you to be able to discover an animal you’ve never seen before as well as find the ones you love. Shapes In Nature is dedicated to not only showing how many different species live among us by the designs I release but to also help the very conservationists that defend these animals. Without these incredible people, so much of our precious wildlife would be gone. I want to support those people so they have a chance to continue protecting what lives in the world around us.


My goal is for Shapes In Nature to donate a percentage of every shirt sold to different conservationists or entities dedicated to the protection and restoration of our planet. Each animal design will eventually go towards the protection and growth of that specific species. Whether someone is aware of it or not, each shirt purchased will go towards the survival of an animal they love. Shapes In Nature won't just be about animal designs on apparel, but a tool to educate people on how we, and others, are making a difference for our wildlife.

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