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Red-Eyed Tree Frog Black Edition

Red-Eyed Tree Frog Black Edition

*3 Per Customer Please*

Housed on a matte 4x6 card with printed image, logo, hand-numbered numbered and signed artist edition red-eyed tree frog sticker of 66. 


The red-eyed tree frog design was the second sticker released as well as the first sticker I decided to release in color. I was very new to editing digitally and had no clue how to make just the eyes red at the time so the first release of this design was a solid green. I later updated it to look more like the actual species. There are a few different versions of this design as a sticker being either a clear sticker or holographic. There is also a neon green sticker of this design that was released as an exclusive in the all amphibian mystery sticker pack. I originally drew this design in 2014 and was created for a mural that was painted in Long Beach, California. 

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