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2022 Winter Mystery Sticker Pack

2022 Winter Mystery Sticker Pack

Our winter-themed mystery sticker pack is back! This pack comes with five total stickers and a chance at some Shapes in Nature-related prizes like a rare Shapes in Nature mini-original, a full-on original, and maybe a discount code!


Each sticker pack will contain: 5  stickers (a mix of both holographic and standard)! Every other sticker pack contains the special edition holographic otters with snowflakes sticker! At least one of the 3 possible frosted candy-colored animal stickers is guaranteed in each pack. A lucky few may get the stardust otters with snowflakes in place of the holographic one. 


Also hidden among the packs is a chance at: One original drawing! Discount codes for percentages off, free shirts, and free sticker packs! If you are lucky maybe you will come across one of the 7 puffin wood stickers hidden among the packs! and if you are extremely lucky you might find one of the 5 holographic white foxes! As always theres a possible galaxy sticker hidden among these packs. 


There are 12 different possible new stickers hidden among these packs, and 8 exclusives. Also mainly birds and mammals are found in these packs! 

  • To Apply:

    • Make sure the surface is clean and free of moisture and dirt.
    • Carefully peel the white backing off of sticker, being careful not to touch the adhesive part too much.
    • Choose a good position for your sticker (careful, you only get to choose once!)
    • Once placed, rub firmly with the top of your thumbnail or flat edge of a credit card to remove any bubbles and firmly set the sticker. 


    Stickers are printed by Sticker Ninja in Portland, Oregon.

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