Live Together Galaxy Holographic Sticker

Live Together Galaxy Holographic Sticker

Our galaxy holographic live together stickers are a great way to show your support and love of all animals! This vinyl, die-cut sticker adheres to many surfaces such as reusable water bottles, car windows, computers and anything else you want to stick them to!


It's incredible to think of the amount of wildlife diversity our planet holds and to us, sharing our planet and living together is crucial for our world's survival. This shirt is a great way for us to express that. Whether big or small, every living thing has a purpose, and without that balance, an ecosystem won’t survive. Love nature and it’s wildlife and live together!

  • Measurements:

    4.5 inches X 4.4 inches


    When peeled, the white areas become clear and the color remains. 


    To Apply:

    • Make sure the surface is clean and free of moisture and dirt.
    • Carefully peel the white backing off of sticker, being careful not to touch the adhesive part too much.
    • Choose a good position for your sticker (careful, you only get to choose once!)
    • Once placed, rub firmly with thumbnail to remove any bubble and firmly set the sticker. 


    Stickers are printed by Sticker Ninja in Portland, Oregon.

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